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My passion is helping others see how they can increase their efficiency, productivity, creativity, and communication by utilizing the technology that surrounds us all.  I especially enjoy sharing my passion in a school setting where I can help teachers increase their work flow, and engage students by adding technology into their lessons.

I work as a technology director in a small Seventh-day Adventist school that has a mobile lab of Macbook Pros, iPads in all of the classrooms, and SMART boards.  I love seeing students eyes light up when they realize the power of connectivity that technology brings into the classroom.

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I have had an interest in educational technology since 4th grade when the first Apple IIe computer lab was installed in our school.  Some years later, I now supervise technology for two Catholic schools and Parishes.

Our schools utilize iPads, SMART Boards, Mimios, computer labs, GAFE, and much more!  I enjoy helping students and teachers get past the  fear of technology so that they may embrace the power that it has to transform our learning environment.

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