Kahoot: an easy way to engage and review

kahootAre you looking for a great way to engage your students and review content with more than just a good old worksheet or lecture?  Kahoot is just the thing you need!  For those that have ever played the trivia games at your local pub, this might seem a bit familiar, but it is so much more!

To begin, navigate over to www.getkahoot.com (after you read this post of course).  Once you have created an account, you may browse over 600k already made games OR you may begin to make your own game.  All you have to do is begin writing your questions and whatever choices you want to offer.  You may choose to insert images or YouTube (beta) clips as part of your questions.  Additionally, you may set the time length that students will have to select an answer.  The catch?  The sooner you answer correctly, the more kahoots (points) you will earn!  After each question, the leader board can be displayed to show who is in the lead!

Once your questions are finished, you are ready to launch your Kahoot from a computer or device that is connected to a projector or large TV screen.

Those playing the game simply visit http://kahoot.it.  There, they will enter a pin number unique to that round of the Kahoot.

Once in, the players will be able to enter the answer to each question by clicking a colored square on virtually any device!

Here’s a great example of what it might look like below.


At the end of each Kahoot, the teacher may download a spreadsheet that contains all of the users for that game, their total points earned, and even every question and the answer the user marked!  What a great way to assess a student’s understanding without them even knowing!

Once you start “kahooting” in your classroom, the kids will ask for it more and more!

Kahoot: an easy way to engage and review